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Arsenal Script -How to Create Your Own Arsenal Script

If you want to create your own arsenal script, there are a few simple steps you must follow first. This article will introduce you to a few of the key elements of this script, including Customizable Control Surface, Visualization, and the Status Bar. By following these steps, you can create your own arsenal script in just a few minutes. This article will also demonstrate how to install and execute a script with the help of Arsenal.

Customizable Control Surface scripts

With the new arsenal product line, it is now possible to create your own Customizable Control Surface scripts. These scripts leverage our nine years of experience in creating control surface scripts. This makes it easy for you to create and install your own custom scripts without the need to know anything about programming or scripting. You can even use the software to create your scripts and have them automatically mapped to your controller.

If you already have a script for your MIDI controller surface, then you can import it from another user by using the Import Script function. Just be careful not to copy additional files as this can mess up the project. Once imported, you’ll see the MIDI controller surface in the lower zone of the Project window. Now, you can assign the MIDI controller surface scripts to any of its functions.

The Behringer BCF is a fantastic partner controller that features LED ringed encoders and motorised faders. It’s also compatible with the Novation LaunchPad and Push. LaunchControl X is another Ableton Live Customizable Control Surface script. It allows you to assign 16 parameters to the controller’s buttons and add Session Control. The XXL version adds Mix Control and advanced 24-parameter device control.

Status Bar

The Arsenal script allows you to customize your control surface without any programming or scripting experience. With 9 years of experience behind it, Arsenal is one of the most user-friendly control surface script libraries on the market. It’s easy to use and has many customization options, including customizing the status bar and its icons. Read on to discover how to customize the Status Bar in your arsenal script. Also, check out its demo video to see how easy it is to use!


A script to help with visualizing your scenes is essential for the production of your TV series or movie. Visualization is the process of mentally putting your ideas into action and achieving your goals. It works by training your brain to picture the exact scenario you want to create. It helps you to imagine how your character would look at a specific scene, or what he or she would feel like doing it. Once you have this visual, you can begin writing.

The script comes with several analytical features. For example, the ‘Projector’ tab allows you to visualize any kind of vector representation. This is particularly useful when you want to show the weights and biases of the dense layer over different epochs. The ‘Projector’ tab is also useful for creating a visualisation of a particular type of dataset, such as word embeddings.

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