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Best Metroid Games

There are many different kinds of Best Metroid games, each with their own special qualities. Here are a few of the best, from Super Metroid to Return of Samus and Metroid Fusion. Which of these games is the best and one has the best Metroid character? Which Metroid game should you try? And what about Metroid Dread? Are they all worthy of your attention? Let’s find out!

Super Metroid

Nintendo first teased the Super Metroid game in Nintendo Power volume 37 in June 1992. The article hints at the Super Metroid game and suggests the development of a SNES version. It also makes use of sound effects from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. But what exactly is this game? Despite its resemblance to the previous games, Super Metroid still manages to stand out from the crowd. The game’s storyline revolves around the return of Samus and her quest for survival.

The world map is another area where Super Metroid is lacking in modern sensibility. In the past, a map displayed on the pause screen was only helpful for one area at a time. Nowadays, though, the map is easily accessible, preventing players from overrelying on it. As such, it’s important to get used to the level design and map-reading abilities before relying on the map. Nevertheless, the level map of Super Metroid is still very good and it does keep the player engaged with gameplay rather than relying on the map.

Return of Samus

The Return of Samus in the Metroid games is the sequel to the 1991 game of the same name. Developed by Nintendo for the Game Boy, it was the first Metroid game to be released for a handheld console. This game was remade in 2017 by MercurySteam, and was released in September on Nintendo’s Nintendo 3DS. This game features many new features, including beams and new abilities.

The opening narration in the US television commercial for the Return of Samus game erroneously states that only one Metroid survived the first adventure. The fact is that Samus wiped out two different strains of Metroids – SR388 and Zebes. This is a misrepresentation, as Metroids do not multiply without Beta-Rays, and their reproduction is only done by the Queen Metroid laying eggs. The instruction manual also contains numerous spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

Metroid Fusion

When comparing Super and the original Metroid, Fusion has a few things in common. Both feature exploration, but Fusion also adds new abilities to the venerable Samus. Plus, it gives you a chance to hear her inner monologue. The resulting game is both challenging and smart. Here are some other reasons Metroid Fusion is among the best Metroid games. You’re sure to find one you like!

This 2004 remake of Metroid is a great game. The game was designed entirely for Game Boy Advance, but it introduced a new stealth system that is now a staple of the series. It’s a faithful recreation of the classic game, but it also offers modern controls and colorful graphics. It’s a must-have game for fans of the original. However, it’s also a little different than its predecessors, and many players have mixed opinions.

Metroid Dread

Although many people associate the 2D Metroid series with the original Samus Returns, it has been remade in the 3D world. This game retains the familiar 2D perspective, but includes a new 360-degree aiming system and melee counter. It is also rich in nods to the other Metroid games. For fans of the series, it will be a great introduction to the series.

Another good reason to include Metroid Dread among the best Metroad games is its challenging progression path. It is difficult, but not impossible, because of its fantastic new gear. Also boasts the perfect evolution of the SA-X horror segments. It has a good story, though it becomes a bit cheesy near the end. For this reason, Metroid Dread is one of the best games of the year.

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