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Charleston SC News – What’s Hot This Week

If you are a fan of local Charleston SC News, you are probably wondering what to look for. Listed below are some topics worth checking out: gun crime, memorial day shooting, and legalizing medical marijuana. Depending on your point of view, you may also be interested in learning more about the area’s history or culture. Whatever your point of view, you will surely find some interesting news items. Charleston SC News is an excellent resource to keep up with current events.


A woman carrying a pistol killed a man who shot into a crowd in Charleston, South Carolina, on Monday night. According to Charleston SC News, the incident occurred late Monday night, and nearly a dozen people were wounded, including four in critical condition. The shooting was one of 14 during the Memorial Day weekend, according to the Gun Violence Archive. According to the organization, a mass shooting is defined as a violent crime involving four or more people.


College of Charleston archaeologists recently unearthed a slave badge. This badge, or slave tag, served as a legal work permit for enslaved people in Charleston city limits. The badges allowed enslaved people to work in the city’s downtown, allowing them to do specific jobs. It is unknown what the slave badges actually looked like, but the College of Charleston researchers believe it to be a unique example of a badge.

Memorial Day shooting

After a deadly shooting on Memorial Day in Charleston, South Carolina, at a black-and-white neighborhood block party, a group of residents held a press conference to discuss the incident. Among the injured were 10 people and two law enforcement officers. The incident prompted a national conversation on race relations and the role of the law enforcement community. In addition to the victims, two deputies were injured and two police officers were shot. A pregnant woman was also critically injured in the incident.

Legalization of medical marijuana

The Compassionate Care Act in South Carolina has helped push for medical marijuana legalization in the state. Family members of chronic illness patients have testified in support of the act, which was amended to include more requirements for doctors who recommend marijuana for their patients. The legislation was approved by the S.C. Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee in March, and the House Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs Committee is scheduled to take it up in the 2019 session.

Cruise ships leaving Charleston SC

As of 2024, there will be no more Carnival Cruise Line homeports from the Union Pier terminal in Charleston, South Carolina. South Carolina Ports Authority has opted not to renew the contract with the cruise line, citing the need to focus on the redevelopment of Union Pier. Nonetheless, the South Carolina Ports Authority is still interested in hosting cruise ships in the future. This is a big change for the Charleston port, but one that will leave travelers with many options.

North Charleston police officer injured

The shooting that left a North Charleston police officer injured and four others in critical condition has sparked a huge riot in the city, but it isn’t clear what exactly happened. Police said that two groups, described as “gangs,” began shooting each other, not caring about those in between. Deputy Chief Ken Hagge urged residents to stay home and avoid the scene. Since the incident, authorities have interviewed hundreds of witnesses, analyzed video and cell phone evidence, and seized shell casings.

Leah Chase’s “serenity” tour

It seems that Leah Chase’s’serenity’ tour in Charleston SC is guiding tourists to serenity. After all, the city is the number one destination in the US, and it is no wonder that young Israelis are flocking to attend the College of Charleston. Many of them are studying on full bursaries and receive scholarships based on their athletic talent. This tour seems to lead them to that serenity, although most of them aren’t quite there yet.

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