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Cheeky Reviews | 5 Cheeky Reviews to Help You Choose the Right Drink

If you’re looking for a site that offers recipes, syrups, juices, and cocktail ideas, then check out Cheeky. The company claims to offer friendly prices and fast delivery. The website even welcomes feedback about its products and services. Here are some Cheeky reviews to help you choose the right drink or recipe. If you have used Cheeky before, you can read these helpful reviews to see if the company is right for you.


You can read a clearClub Cheeky review to learn what consumers think of the company. Overall, people rate ClearClub as a 5 star business. The reviews are positive and reflect the positive attitude employees have towards the company. It is also a popular choice for kids since it offers many customization options. However, the price tag is a bit higher than other brands, which are cheaper right from the start.

If you’re a newcomer to clearcing your teeth, Remi might be the best choice. Its $150 price point puts it right in the middle of the pack and includes double the amount of material as Cheeky and ClearClub. Another plus is the flexibility to request two different guards. Remi, on the other hand, defaults to the thickest option, which is three millimeters.

Get Cheeky

Get Cheeky is a product that supposedly helps people who grind their teeth at night. It can prevent teeth from being worn down, which causes bruxism, which is a medical condition that affects approximately 8 percent to 31% of people. This device allows people to sleep without the resulting pain and can help them breathe easier. Get Cheeky reviews are positive and reveal if this device is worth the money.

Bruxism can cause headaches and other problems, so Get Cheeky Reviews can help you get relief from bruxism. They may also reduce your teeth grinding during the night, a major cause of headaches. But it’s important to find a product that fits comfortably into your mouth and still allows you to talk and breathe. Check for reviews online to see which ones are best. A product that is comfortable to wear and provides adequate coverage is an excellent choice.

Hybrid guards

If you’re looking for a high quality sleep guard, the Cheeky website can help you out. Cheeky provides two different types of guards: a soft thermoplastic night guard and a hard/soft hybrid night guard. Both are made from latex and BPA free plastic, and you can use either one to protect your teeth. While most customers prefer the soft option, the hard/soft hybrid night guard offers an additional acrylic layer to prevent teeth grinding. This extra layer of protection keeps the guard from moving and can even prevent teeth from grinding.

Both the soft and hybrid guards available from Cheeky cost the same as other brands, but with slightly higher prices. Regardless of the type of mouthguard, Cheeky offers free shipping. The prices of replacement guards are slightly higher than ClearClub and Remi, but they don’t require a re-impression kit, and you can get a 30% discount if you subscribe to the replacement plan.

Remi Club

If you are looking for a cheap nightguard, you may be wondering if the Remi Club is worth the investment. This subscription-based club costs $99 for two nightguards and will send replacement guards every six months. Besides free shipping, Remi members are able to request delivery times that are convenient for them. The club is also about two times cheaper than Cheeky or ClearClub. In addition, you can take advantage of a discount code that offers 18% off your entire purchase, which will make the price even more affordable.

The band is led by the charismatic Remi Wolf, who is a wildly talented singer and songwriter. She embraces the eye-level audience interaction and sounds great for such a small club. Her single ‘Liquor Store’ features a brilliant hook and a sweet shoulder shimmy, and her lyrics are filled with clever wordplay. The aforementioned bandmates have also put their stamp on Remi’s songs, which are quite unique and distinct from other similar bands.

Customization options

When it comes to customization options, Cheeky wins hands down. While Remi takes the cake for teeth alignment, the Cheeky comes close. Customization options range from thickness and color to whether or not the night guard is soft thermoplastic or hard/soft hybrid. In our Cheeky reviews, customers overwhelmingly chose the soft option, although the hard/soft hybrid comes highly recommended for those who do not want to deal with the pain of wearing a night guard.

In order to change the language displayed by Cheeky Reviews, the store owner must first customize the reviews. Using the Settings menu in Shopify, go to the Apps and sales channels section and click on Product Reviews. Once there, you can edit the text that will appear on product pages. To customize the text displayed to your customers, fill out the Author’s name, location, and email. Depending on your preferences, you can even change the star size.

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