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The City of Liberal’s New City Manager Shares Offenseful Facebook Posts

A recent post by the city of Liberal’s new city manager on Facebook drew criticism and public outrage. However, the city manager didn’t write the offensive posts, he simply shared them with others. While he never intended for his comments to be seen by the public, Burke wasn’t the city manager at the time. The posts surfaced shortly after Burke was appointed to the position. The city commission learned of them, but decided not to take any action. It will now take six to twelve months to find a new city manager.

Linder follows political pages on Facebook

Cooper and Linder follow one another on Facebook. Linder follows one political page and Cooper follows another. The pair also comment on one another’s posts, pointing out that one was not news, while the other is just a joke. As the Facebook conversation continues, the two women may face further repercussions. It is worth noting that both Cooper and Linder are registered Democrats. They may be politically incorrect, but they are not necessarily anti-Trump.

Cooper follows political pages on Facebook

The following list includes several of the political pages Cooper follows on Facebook. These pages have political messages that Cooper does not support. Cooper has written several articles attacking Linder’s approach to political journalism. She has also criticized Linder for following the political page of Colin Kaepernick, the NFL quarterback who refused to stand during the national anthem last year. Both Cooper and Linder follow City of Liberal on Facebook and appear to be confused by the fact that their content does not match their political views.

Burke apologizes for social media posts

Utah Jazz guard Trey Burke apologizes for insensitive social media post. In the post, Burke mocked Jahmel Binion, a man with ectodermal dysplasia, which affects the growth of the hair, nails and sweat glands. Binion is not the first person to post insensitive comments on social media. Shaquille O’Neal and Waka Flocka Flame both later apologized for their respective social media posts.

While it’s true that Utah Jazz front office and fans are understandably outraged, it is unfortunate to see a player with such a high character post. The Utah Jazz are counting on Burke as a leader and hope he can endear himself to fans. A quick apology from Burke is certainly a step in the right direction. If he doesn’t feel comfortable apologizing for the posts, he can always return them in time.

Breitbart news app

Facebook is rolling out a new news section dedicated to “deeply reported journalism.” The new news section will feature articles from 200 publishers, including Breitbart News, which is backed by an ex-executive chairman who explicitly embraces the alt-right. The news section is currently in beta testing, but will be available to US users. It is still unclear whether the new news section will stick or continue to be a source of controversy.

In the face of this criticism, Mark Zuckerberg has tried to justify his decision to include the far-right Breitbart website in his news app. He defended his decision to include Breitbart, saying that the news app would evaluate content on objective criteria. But this argument does not answer the question of how to combat censorship. It does not provide a principled response to the Breitbart news app’s censorship problems.

Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to include far-right Breitbart in news app

The inclusion of far-right Breitbart in Facebook’s news app is a thorn in the side of conservatives. The far-right website spread racist fear-mongering on the social networking site. Though Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to put safeguards in place for the 2020 elections, he appears content to allow homegrown interference to continue.

The right-wing website Breitbart has gotten a lot of criticism for being a “white-list” publisher in Facebook’s news app. A whistleblower has filed a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission over the matter. But Facebook’s Public Policy team is standing by its decision to “white-list” Breitbart. The decision was defended by Joel Kaplan, a former Bush administration official and vice president for global policy. Joel Kaplan responded to the controversy by arguing that if someone wanted to pick a fight with Steve Bannon, they could do so.

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