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Dsound LS31 Wireless Headset Review

Dsound LS31 wireless headset is a great choice for gamers. These headphones offer a variety of features, including support for Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos. They also work well with the PS4 and Switch. The LS31 comes with a USB dongle that allows you to plug it into any USB port. The LS31 also works with Xbox One and PS2, and is compatible with both of these consoles.

LS31 wireless headset

The Dsound LS31 is a great gaming headset that comes with a number of useful features. Its dual microphone system has an external mic hanging on a flexible boom, and a built-in pinhole mic located half an inch above the microphone boom. The presence of two microphones improves noise cancelling, which is essential for gamers. The LS31 is very comfortable to wear, and its design is sleek and professional.

The Dsound LS31 features a USB dongle that easily fits into any USB port, including PS4 and Switch. It also supports Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and DTS:X. This headset is also compatible with Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Its range is also impressive, which is useful for gaming enthusiasts. However, the LucidSound LS31 does not get great reviews for its audio quality.

It features a twisted metal frame around the ear-cups, a feature common amongst LucidSound headphones. The LS31 weighs 60g more than the LS25, but is roughly equal in weight to Astro’s Generation 3 A50. For this reason, the Dsound LS31 wireless headset is a good choice for gamers who value comfort over audio quality. In fact, they are even more comfortable than most full-size headphones, so you won’t have to worry about them slipping off your ears.

Dsound ls31 Wireless

The LucidSound LS31 features a dial in each cup for muting or boosting the sound of the game. Its microphone has a mic mute button, and it can be recharged with the included micro-USB cable. The LucidSound LS31 has a solid microphone and a great style. The headphones’ microphone quality is superb, and they can be used for voice-overs. This headset is not the best choice for gamers, but it is perfect for people who want to game for long periods of time.

Another drawback is the LS31’s weight. At half a pound, the headphones are extremely heavy and are difficult to remove, even after a few hours. The memory foam used in the design helps absorb heat, but the plastic-like fabric covering the cups doesn’t do much to disperse it. While it’s durable, it’s not designed for physical activities and isn’t very comfortable to wear for more than six hours.

Unlike the Xbox One’s wired headset, the LS31 has a battery life of 17 hours. Charging time takes three hours. Unlike other wireless headsets, the LS31 also charges while you’re using it. One drawback is that it doesn’t have a power saving feature. The LucidSound LS31 is one of the best gaming headsets you can buy. The quality of sound it produces is second to none.

LS31 wireless headphones

The LucidSound LS31 wireless headphones have a decent build. The metal headband feels sturdy but is still flexible, which is nice compared to the plastic cups. The hinges are also metallic, but these won’t be very durable if you’re going to wear them for long periods of time. This is a great thing if you like the look of wired headphones, but it’s not a necessity.

The LS31 uses a sophisticated dual microphone system. One microphone hangs on the flexible boom while the other is placed half an inch above the boom mic. This setup improves noise cancellation. Gamers will appreciate the fact that two mics monitor the game’s audio. As such, the LS31 is better for competitive gaming than for watching TV. However, if you’re looking for a good gaming headset, you’ll likely find a better choice in wired headsets.

The LS31 also has decent controls. The earcups have large dials on the cups that you can use to mute the microphone or game sound. They charge through a micro-USB cable. The 50-mm neodymium speakers are beefy, but lack 7.1 surround sound. But the price is right compared to the other top gaming headsets, so it’s hard to go wrong.

large rechargeable battery

The LucidSound LS31 also has a large rechargeable battery that is expected to last for about 20 hours. This will vary, however, depending on how much you use it and the volume levels you’re using. Ordinary use should get you close to the 20-hour mark. A battery life of 17 hours is impressive! In addition, the LS31’s easy-to-use controls will make your work easier.

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless is the superior option for gamers. Not only are they better-built than the Astro A20 Wireless, they also offer game channel mixing and voice chat, which some gamers will appreciate. However, the latter headset offers a better microphone and is more comfortable. Its build quality and battery life make it a better choice than the Astro A20 Wireless. If you want to enjoy excellent sound quality and game-playing while enjoying your favorite games, the LucidSound LS31 Wireless is the way to go.

In terms of comfort, the LucidSound LS31 Wireless is good for gaming, but it’s not the best choice for sports. The design traps heat inside the ear cups, which won’t be ideal for sports. Additionally, the LucidSound LS31 Wireless lacks stability when exercising or performing sports. Sound leakage is another major downside. This is especially true if you’re using them while doing sports, as the cups are quite bulky.

LS35X wireless headset

The Dsound LS35X wireless headset uses the same wireless technology that Xbox One consoles use. The headset pairs up with the Xbox One as easily as it does with the official controller, making setup easy and trouble-free. This wireless headset boasts premium technical features and offers a premium gaming experience. Its wireless connection is also compatible with most video games, including FIFA 14.

The LS35X wireless headset connects to Xbox One using the built-in wireless communication protocol. Pairing the headset and system is easy, as you just press the Xbox controller’s pairing button to connect. Once paired, you can power on the system with the headset’s power button. The LS35X also works with Windows audio. It has a slightly off-center sound, but that’s to be expected from any wireless headset.

Despite the price tag, the LS35X headset provides good audio quality for a wireless headset. Its low-end audio quality is still far better than most headsets that cost around $130. In addition, the LS35X’s ear cup and headband are padded, making it comfortable to wear for hours. You’ll never experience pressure or pain from wearing the headset. This headset also has a boom mic.

The LS35X features a metal chassis and two large foam ear cups. The LS logo is embroidered on the earcups, while the cloth on the inside is covered in cooling gel. The LS35X is equipped with a 3.5 millimeter audio port. Using the LS35X, you’ll be able to control volume and audio with the sliders and buttons.

Final Words

A few flaws in the LS35X include a need for software updates via computer and an overly large volume dial. While the quality of sound is pretty good, it’s the sound that makes or breaks a headset. The LucidSound team is aware of these flaws and has already issued an update. It is worth a try! However, it is difficult to recommend the Dsound LS35X if you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a wireless headset.

The Dsound LS35X wireless headset is a wireless gaming headset officially licensed by Xbox. It connects to the Xbox One console using the same wireless technology as the controller, allowing you to use it while playing for hours on end. The LS35X features memory foam ear cushions and a redesigned headrail for comfort during long gaming sessions. The headphone has a removable boom mic for clear audio. You can use this headset with the Xbox One or the Xbox 360.

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