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Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Review

This game is a prequel to the upcoming, multi-platform game Eiyuden Chronicle Rising chill: Hundred Heroes. Currently in development on PS4 and PS5, this game emphasizes character-switching combat and dabbles in Metroidvania-style exploration and town-building. The game can feel a little repetitive and takes a few hours to really click for me, but after that, it was a fun, addictive adventure.

Review of Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising is a surprisingly easy game to pick up and enjoy. The story takes place on the fantasy continent of Allraan, and you play as a teenage adventurer named CJ. You travel around town, solving puzzles and completing side quests, and your goal is to save the town. The game’s story is fairly linear, and the main character does not have any deep character development.

It’s easy to get carried away by the game’s pretty art style, which is reminiscent of old school JRPGs. The game also features a cosy and fun atmosphere, and its main cast has a fun personality. It’s a shame that the game is so uninteresting, however; its story is fairly basic and straightforward. It could do with some more world building. While Eiyuden Chronicle Rising falls short on every level, the art style is one of its best aspects.

While the game is not very deep or difficult, it’s worth checking out its visual appeal. The 3D environment and stellar graphics will make this game worth a look. There are a lot of detail and colour in the environments and character models. The game looks a little cheap, but the game isn’t a flop. It might not be the best game for people who are averse to 2D characters, but it’s worth checking out.

As for the combat system, Eiyuden Chronicle Rising is pretty standard. The game uses beat ’em up style combat, and each character has different attacks and buttons. CJ’s attacks are light, while Garoo is heavier. Isha, on the other hand, uses magic and can pop mage enemy barriers from mid range. If you want to get really crazy, however, you’ll need to make up for it with more skill.

Though it’s a bit short, this game is the perfect introduction to the world of Eiyuden. It looks stunning and has solid combat and platforming, but it also has a repetitive gameplay loop and lacks depth. It’s a slick game that’s sure to delight fans of 2D fantasy games. Just don’t expect to spend hours on it. And if you don’t like to invest a lot of time in games that are too deep, it’s not for you.

Review of Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Chill

While it’s easy to get caught up in the simple gameplay and relaxing cycle of this action/RPG, Eiyuden Chronicle Rising is not without faults. While lacking substance and ingenuity, the game is a solid introduction to the world of the Eiyuden series and serves as a prequel to the upcoming title, Eiyuden Chronicle: A Hundred Heroes.

Rising’s main character is a young adventurer who wants to make a name for himself as a treasure hunter. He sets up shop in a town that attracts treasure hunters, and joins forces with a grumpy kangaroo named Garoo and a beautiful magic user named Isha to embark on his journey. The main storyline is fairly predictable and does little more than get you moving.

In addition to the linear dungeon, the game features six unique bosses, each with different attacks and strategies. While some of these enemies are stationary, others are prone to build-up attacks and can be destroyed by using Garoo, CJ, or a mix of these characters. The game allows players to choose the difficulty level they prefer, so they can tailor the game’s difficulty level to their personal preferences.

Another notable feature of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is its alternate character perspective. Its protagonist CJ is a teenage treasure hunter, while Garoo is a morally ambiguous kangaroo-man. Meanwhile, Isha is the town’s interim mayor, a magical being who wields magic. As CJ’s story unfolds, we will see how she handles the upcoming challenges, including the final boss.

While the combat of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising isn’t as deep as its predecessors, it is nevertheless enjoyable. The combat system is easy to pick up and use, and character switching works well for heavy-hitting combos. While combat isn’t particularly exciting initially, it improves with unlocking new abilities and attacks. There are some flaws with the game, however. There are some boring quests, but overall, the gameplay is excellent. The graphics and atmosphere make this a fun game to play.

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