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Fall Guys Is Going Free To Play

We’ve been hearing a lot about Fall Guys Going Free To Play, and now the game is officially free-to-play. It’ll have cross-platform play and progression, support cross-progression, and even be called “Free For All”! We’re really excited to see this game launch on multiple platforms! Let’s take a closer look at some of the changes that are coming to Fall Guys this month. Here are some of the highlights.

Game will be cross-play

The game is set to launch free-to-play on June 21 and will allow cross-platform play. In addition to the new free-to-play model, Fall Guys is going to include a thank-you pack with cosmetics and a Season Pass for Season 1: Free For All. The game’s life-time sales have surpassed Call of Duty Vanguard. In addition to the new free-to-play model, the game will be cross-platform, so players can enjoy it on their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To get this functionality, Mediatonic has taken the same approach that Epic Games has taken with Fortnite. Players can now transfer their progress and cosmetics from one platform to another without paying extra. Additionally, players can now invite friends to play with them on any platform. The new free-to-play model will also enable cross-platform parties and progress. Despite this change, the developers are not releasing the game for PC, but it is available for consoles.

Will support cross-progression

With the new Fall Guys season about to launch, players can expect to see significant changes to the game’s progression system. In addition to the free-to-play transition, the game is also getting a new in-game currency, Show-Bucks. These Show-Bucks can be used to purchase content and even a season pass. The game has surpassed Call of Duty Vanguard in lifetime sales. In addition, the game is also receiving new gameplay features and updates with its PS Plus subscription.

Earlier this year, Epic Games acquired the developers of Fall Guys, Tonic Games Group, and Mediatonic. The game was originally set to launch on PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One during the summer of 2018, but was delayed in order to incorporate new features. Originally, the game will be free to play on PlayStation 4 and Steam and available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on both. However, it will no longer be available on Steam, so players will have to find a different way to get into the game.

Will be available on all platforms

The game, which debuted two years ago on Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch, is now going free-to-play. As a result, players on the Xbox platform can now download the game for free, while Nintendo Switch players will have to make the transition to the Epic Games Store. In addition, players on PC will no longer be able to download Fall Guys via Steam. To continue playing the game on PC, you’ll have to use your Epic Games Account.

The game is going free-to-play on all platforms and will offer new features including a giant arena. The game’s progression system will be overhauled with new events and locations. Existing players will receive a free Legacy Pack and the first Season Pass. While you can still buy other items using Show-Bucks, existing players will be able to continue their progression on their current version.

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