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A Closer Look at Lizzie Grover Rad’s Hats

Fashion designer Lizzie Grover Rad first got her start designing hats while attending Parsons School of Design. The felt hat she designed was worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Since then, Rad has designed dozens of different types of hats that have gained widespread popularity. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the designs of Lizzie Grover Rad. Then, you’ll see why we love her hats so much!


A formally trained interior architect, Lizzie Grover Rad founded her company in college and earned her BFA from George Washington University. She was so successful that it had already generated a million dollars in revenue before her graduation! In 2008, she decided to bring the interior design business online, partnering with female artists, such as Aline Kominsky-Crumb, who is known for her dark sense of humor.

After the success of the Hutch app, they started looking for a way to make it accessible to a wider audience. The team eventually attracted venture capitalists to help fund the business, and later attracted additional co-founders. Despite their success, the founders are still living in their pink and white bungalow. In fact, they were recently named Forbes’ 30 Under 30 retail and e-commerce leaders.

Tinder founder Sean Rad

While negotiating the acquisition of Match, Tinder founder and CEO Sean Rad got heated with the attorneys representing IAC, the company’s parent. In an email to a colleague, Blatt warned Rad not to push for more money and threaten to “go nuclear” if he tried to get more. According to Rad, the company was overvalued at $3 billion when it should have been worth $13.2 billion. Rad was ultimately fired from Match in September, after the CEO’s resignation.

The lawsuit alleges that Rad secretly recorded conversations while he was at Tinder, and that he transferred these recordings to a third party without the plaintiffs’ consent. While Rad’s attorneys have denied that he secretly recorded conversations, they claim that his actions lacked business ethics and a lack of honesty. In response, Rad’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the amended claim, arguing that Rad did not violate his employment contract and that the recordings were not indicative of an illegal transfer of company files.

Fashion designer Lizzie Grover Rad

An insurance agent by trade, fashion designer Lizzie Grover-Rad was born and raised in a house in the Deep South. Growing up, Rad watched her grandmother make hats, and became fascinated by the various shapes they could take. The fascination continued as Rad studied various styles of hats and began to create her own. Today, she is celebrated by Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

In addition to her role as an interior designer, Grover-Rad has launched a fashion label. The Los Angeles-based designer is also a feminist, with her eponymous label centering on abortion and feminism. She’s also involved with an avant-garde mother-daughter duo and David Zwirner Gallery. Despite the controversy surrounding her new label, it’s evident that Rad’s approach is well-received.

Her home

Unlike the typical house story, this one features a home office. The office is wrapped in French oak, and features a George Nakashima dining table, surrounded by pieces by Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret, and Tobia Scarpa. Her vintage Apple II computer pays homage to her husband’s background in tech. The room’s other highlights include a trellis-covered porch, a vintage disco ball, and a hand-distressed antique disco ball.

Although the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is a right of every woman, the practice is still not universally accessible. Grover Rad’s work highlights this issue and aims to challenge society’s patriarchy by asking difficult questions about the female body. Her work is an excellent example of fashion with a message. The pieces are meant to spark conversations and provoke thought. It’s no wonder that the designer’s work has inspired many artists, including Kate Spade and Anna Wintour.

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