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SCAD Announces New MySCAD App

The new MySCAD app will reflect the transportation system on campus and will have an easy-to-navigate interface. The app’s features include pinch-zooming and sliding, as well as an easy-to-find “HOME” icon in the bottom left corner. It will also retain the current layout and design of the app, which is user-friendly and eye-catching. Menus can be rearranged to fit the preferences of students and faculty.

SCAD’s academic integrity policy

SCAD’s academic integrity policy has come under fire in recent months. After a formal complaint was filed, the school requested a meeting with the AAUP, which met in Washington in May 2010. During that meeting, administrators expressed their determination to resolve the censure. In response to the AAUP’s recommendations, SCAD adopted appropriate official policies and settled with faculty who had been released. A representative of the AAUP then met with SCAD administration and faculty members and received feedback on SCAD’s climate and response to AAUP recommendations.

The SCAD academic integrity policy requires that students be honest in their dealings with faculty and other members of the university community. This includes providing accurate information when necessary, as it is a breach of the Student Code of Conduct. Any student who tries to avoid responsibilities of academic integrity could face disciplinary action, including suspension. For more information, read SCAD’s full academic integrity policy. There is more to a student’s academic integrity policy than meets the eye.

Undergraduate and graduate students are expected to adhere to the course catalog while enrolled at SCAD. SCAD reserves the right to change course schedules, locations, modality, or professor, and students are expected to check course schedules before attending classes. First-year students have the opportunity to declare their major during the first quarter of their first year. However, they may remain undeclared in their first year. The academic integrity policy also applies to inactive undergraduate students.

Support programs for SCAD students

One of the support programs at SCAD is called CAPP, or the Center for Advanced Practice in Design. This program helps talented students prepare for their SCAD education through a series of engaging programs that go beyond the classroom. Students who are accepted into this program receive 18 meals a week, weekend excursions, and access to SCAD resources. A typical CAPP session lasts four weeks. For a fee of US$3,950, students can attend CAPP for four weeks.

The SCAD now program offers a range of supplemental services and academic resources to online students. In addition to classroom support, students can receive individual attention to meet their specific needs. The SCADnow student support office provides services ranging from counseling and creative and life coaching to academic accommodations for documented disabilities. A list of services can be found online. For example, SCAD Connect offers online peer tutoring and full access to LinkedIn Learning.

Financial assistance for SCAD students can range from scholarships to grants to federal loans and work-study. In general, SCAD has an overview of all financial aid options available. Applicants should allow for ample time to complete the necessary paperwork and submit all necessary documents. The deadlines for each of these programs vary. Before enrolling, students should have a budget in place to help them afford the education they desire. These programs offer several advantages, and are a great way to help you pay for your college education.

SCAD’s social media

In an attempt to build a more sustainable legacy for the university, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) partnered with Capitol Records recording artist Silento to perform a viral hit during fall 2015 Orientation. Silento’s song, “Silento,” has been viewed by more than 200 million people. The new video has also sparked a new initiative for the university: posting videos on social media to increase foot traffic.

SCAD also hosts annual festivals such as SCAD TVfest, SCAD Savannah Film Festival, and SCAD AnimationFest. These events showcase student work and connect them with industry insiders. The SCAD Savannah Film Festival, for example, attracts over 50,000 viewers every year. Students also have the chance to get a glimpse of the hottest trends in the entertainment industry. For more information, visit SCAD’s Facebook page or Twitter account.

SCAD Savannah is seeking a full-time director of social media to oversee integrated content and growth strategies. The director will also be responsible for enhancing the SCAD brand through online outreach. This position will be critical to the success of the university’s online presence. The Director of Social Media will develop and implement social media content strategy, develop partnerships with universities, and advocate for the college’s students. They should be knowledgeable in social media marketing, and be a savvy user of the latest tools and platforms.

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