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Tourniu Reviews – What You Should Know About This Online Baby Store

We analyzed the Tourniu review in order to provide you with our own experiences with this online store. Here, we discussed the dark mode, shipping policy, and warehouse address. Let’s find out what else you should know about Tourniu. First, if you’re wondering if it’s worth buying, it’s worth noting that the company does not have an official office or warehouse address. Similarly, it does not have an official social media page.

Tourniu has a dark mode

When it comes to the design of a website, the dark mode can be an asset. Not only does it give your website a mysterious look, it also opens up many options for presenting graphic content. Weekdone uses a RAG color system, so colors pop out more clearly against a dark background. The black part of the table also provides excellent contrast for all colors. A dark mode is a great way to get your visitors’ attention.

It does not have an official social media page

If you’re looking for a review of Tourniu’s baby gear or other products, look elsewhere. This website lacks any social media icons or an official address. Although the website is primarily a storefront, it also sells home products, toys, and baby gear. The domain was created in June 2022. The store has no official social media page or website, but it has no address either.

In addition, the company’s return policy is quite unrealistic. In addition, there are confusing provisions that make it nearly impossible to get your entire payment back if you order from Tourniu. Like many similar sites, customer support is lacking, and delivery time is very slow. While this might sound like a good thing, you’ll find that the products are not worth your money if they can’t be returned.

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It does not have a warehouse or office address

This online baby store does not have an office or warehouse address, but it does sell various items for babies. It sells a wide variety of baby items such as portable food supplements, milk bottle heaters, and more. The website was founded on 21 June 2022, so it’s not too old. The company does not have a social media presence, so it’s not clear how it operates. Despite this, you can contact the company by using their email address, telephone number, or social media icons.

Its website claims to have a 40% discount on all of its products, but the discounts look too good to be true. Furthermore, there’s no official social media page of Tourniu, which is a big red flag. You should also keep an eye out for their return policy, since it’s not the best. It’s easy to be scammed by online stores that do not have an office or warehouse address.

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