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1Millionpuzzle Com Review | One Million Dollar Puzzle Review

1Millionpuzzle Com Review : The popularity of One Million Dollar Puzzle is dependent on its rating from the gaming community. Compared to similar games, this game ranks midrange. Regardless, the popularity of this puzzle is high enough to make it a popular choice for many puzzle lovers. This review will examine the features of the game, how it plays, and how it stacks up against its competitors. The one million dollar puzzle is sponsored by a number of online gaming sites.

Sponsored by 1M Puzzle

A recent Instagram post about a new puzzle, Sponsored by 1M Puzzle, had me wondering: Who is sponsoring this new puzzle? The person behind the account is Daniel Greenberg, a designer of viral products like Satan shoes with Lil Nas X and the first finger on an app challenge by Mr Beast. The 100k puzzle was on brand, and it’s unclear why it wasn’t listed on his website.

The 1M Puzzle is a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle that assembles to form a QR code when scanned using your phone. Once complete, you’ll receive a unique, one-time verification code that you’ll need to enter the puzzle and redeem your prize. The ARV of the total prize is $4,822,720. The puzzle itself is free to complete and the winning code will be sent directly to your email.

1M Puzzle Review

In our One Million Dollar Puzzle review, we’ll look at what makes this puzzle game stand out from its competitors. The 500-piece puzzle assembles to form a QR code that’s scannable with your phone camera or pop-up link. Then, you can redeem your prize in one of the contests! But wait, what’s the catch? Is it really worth all the hype? Let’s find out!

One Million Dollar Puzzle

The One Million Dollar Puzzle is a giant puzzle with a chance to win a million dollars. It’s easy to complete but can be challenging. The prize amount varies from $25 to $1 million, and you’ll need to assemble the puzzle. The puzzle contains a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone. Once you have the correct prize code, you’ll have to visit the Sponsor’s website to claim your prize.

Once completed, mail the 3″ x 5″ card to 1M Puzzle, LLC at 62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222. The company will then send you a QR code. The code is unique and can be used only with one Supported Payment Account. There are 600,000 codes, and the ARV of all prizes is $4,822,720. Each winning code is worth five cents. However, there is a limited number of codes available.

The One Million Dollar Puzzle was featured in numerous media outlets, including Mashable, iHeartRadio, and Business Insider. It is made of recycled cardboard and has 500 pieces. When complete, the puzzle measures 15.7″ x 15.7″.

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