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Heliotee Reviews – Is Heliotee Really a Bad Online E-Commerce Website?

Heliotee Reviews : There are many Heliotee Reviews out there, but I wanted to make sure I was reading the right ones. First, we’ll look at where this particular e-commerce website is located. It’s not listed on Google Maps, which is a shame, but the location of Heliotee is not in Hoan Kiem. Second, we’ll look at the delivery time. In these two areas, you’ll find several reasons why Heliotee might be a bad choice for ordering.

Heliotee is an online e-commerce website

This online e-commerce website specializes in graphic clothing and gifts, such as mugs with printed quotations and bedding sets in festive Christmas designs. Although it lacks a telephone number, customers can contact Heliotee via email or live chat. Items ship within five to eight business days for domestic areas and ten to fifteen days for international zones. PayPal and credit cards are accepted for payment.

The website addresses provided by Heliotee are very vague, and many of them do not indicate a business. The Heliotee address is in a non-standard neighborhood in Hoan Kiem. This store is located at 68A Pho Hue Street, but there is no mention of Heliotee on Google Maps. In fact, several other businesses are listed in this address.

It is not listed on Google Maps

You can find reviews of Heliotee on the company’s website. Unfortunately, this restaurant is not listed on Google Maps. However, you can find other businesses in this area listed on the map. You can try using Google Maps to find Heliotee and make a review of your own. However, this method is not fool-proof. Heliotee has an unsatisfactory customer service record. Customers have complained about poor customer service and delivery times. It’s a suspicious website, so make sure to use Google’s reviews before making a purchase.

You’ll be surprised to know that countless businesses don’t have Heliotee reviews posted on their local maps listings. People are leaving reviews and they are still not appearing in local interfaces. One brand, which operates over 700 locations, went from 200 reviews to 16 in less than a week. This problem is not a new phenomenon; this company does not disclose why the reviews are not appearing on Google Maps.

It has poor customer service

In an attempt to prove that Heliotee has poor customer service, I decided to read more Heliotee Reviews. They are a bit dated, and have a low trust ranking. Furthermore, they rank 924,649 in Alexa, which is not good. Clearly, Heliotee has a problem. The company isn’t the only one with poor customer service. Many other small businesses have experienced the same thing.

While browsing the site, I couldn’t find any contact information. Although the site lists an address for its shipping policy, it’s not the one you’d expect. Instead, it contains a fake Norton trust seal logo, which makes it even more suspicious. If you’re concerned about your identity, don’t purchase anything from Heliotee – you’ll be disappointed and your wallet will thank you!

It has poor delivery time

Heliotee is an online e-commerce store that sells graphic clothing, mugs with printed quotes, and bedding sets featuring Christmas designs. The website has no phone number and a delivery time of 5-8 working days for domestic areas and ten to fifteen days for international zones. They accept PayPal as well as credit cards. While the site has poor customer service, the website is relatively secure.

There is one problem with Heliotee’s delivery times. They do not appear on Google Maps and may not even be located at the physical location of 68A Pho Hue St. There are other businesses listed there, however. The delivery time for these items is significantly higher than the average. It’s also worth noting that some of their items are not listed on Google Maps. If you’re in doubt about whether Heliotee can deliver to your location, consider ordering from a competitor.

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