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Is Cuelu Legit : All you need to know in

The Cuelu is a website offering a Is Cuelu Legit treatment called Gua Sha, based on ancient techniques used in China. Despite being based on a proven treatment, Cuelu does not offer a money-back guarantee or a trust index. This article will look at some of the factors that may lead to you to purchase the product. Also, read about the ancient Gua Sha technique to find out if it is a legitimate way to treat health conditions and pain.

Cuelu is based on an ancient Chinese treatment called Gua Sha

This type of massage is based on an ancient Chinese treatment called gua sha, which means “to scrape away” or “to scour away”. This technique involves repeated pressed strokes on the body with a tool that has been lubricated with a massage oil or balm. Commonly used instruments for this treatment include a ceramic soup spoon, blunt-edged coin, honed animal bones, water buffalo horn, or metal caps. For extra pain relief, ginger root can be rubbed onto the back and spine with rice wine.

The company behind this skincare product has been around for a few days and sells products that incorporate this treatment. They also sell a variety of facial rollers and tools based on this ancient Chinese treatment. However, there are several concerns about the legitimacy of this site. Despite the relatively short age of the company, the site has a very low trust score and a low trust rating, which could lead to a rogue product.

Cuelu is an online e-commerce platform

When it comes to cosmetics, Cuelu is an e-commerce platform that focuses on traditional medicinal treatments. The site accepts credit cards and debit cards, and the default currency is USD. It offers a 30 day return policy for products, but it does charge a $10 restocking fee if you return the product for any reason. In addition, it does not mention its payment policy on the website.

The site sells skin care products based on an ancient Chinese treatment, known as Gua Sha. It involves scraping skin using a stone-like instrument. The website offers skin lifting equipment and de-puffing face rollers, as well as information on these ancient treatments. The site does have some disadvantages, however. For example, there are no reviews on Cuelu on Trustpilot or Quora. There are no reviews on Amazon or Quora, so it is hard to know how trustworthy the site is.

Cuelu does not have a trust index

Cuelu is an online shopping portal for women, which boasts of a broad selection of facial shaping tools. Upon further inspection, however, we found that there are few products available on the website, no social connectivity, no traffic, and no recognition or publicity. Additionally, we were unable to find any information about the website’s contact details or domain time. Hence, we rated Cuelu as “not trustworthy.”

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