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Doors of Stone Release Date and Cover Revealed

After the release of the Kingkiller Chronicles, Patrick Rothfuss promised to read the prologue to The Doors of Stone to his fan base. Many of these fans pledged their support for WorldBuilders, and in return, Rothfuss read the prologue. This was just a ruse, but it was enough to give a tantalizing glimpse of what awaits them in doors of stone. For fans who have waited for a decade for a book based on the Kingkiller Chronicles, this prologue was sufficient.

Covid19 epidemic contributed to delay of doors of stone release date

Despite the delay in the Doors of Stone release date, the book has received positive reviews. Fans have long been waiting for the new book by Patrick Rothfuss. While the Covid19 epidemic caused some delays, many fans are excited to read the new installment. Here are a few reasons why fans were disappointed in the initial release date. The first reason is because Covid19 has become a pandemic in recent years.

Author claims he is altering original tale in doors of stone

Fans of The Doors of Stone have waited for the book for a long time. In fact, the book is the second most anticipated book in the fantasy genre after George R.R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter. While Martin has made occasional updates on his writing, and has recently announced major progress on his next book, Rothfuss has kept a near-zero radio silence. In 2013, he posted a picture of a semi-complete draft of The Doors of Stone.

The author’s fears of the book’s release date are based on the fact that Stone Gate is a hard book to write. The novel is scheduled to be released sometime in July 2021. While the release date for Doors of Stone was previously set for July 8, Rothfuss claimed that he is altering the original tale in Doors of Stone. While many fans praised the first two books in the series, the final book is even harder to write.

In addition to The Doors of Stone, Rothfuss has also written The Wise Man’s Fear, which was published in 2011. While that book follows The Doors of Stone, it is very different from the original. Rothfuss has also alluded to some of the same story beats in The Wise Man’s Fear in other books. This makes The Doors of Stone even more difficult to judge, because there are many similarities.

Cover hasn’t been revealed

The Doors of Stone cover hasn’t been revealed yet. Rothfuss’ editor has said she hasn’t seen the cover, but she has not read the book, either. With such little information, Rothfuss fans are desperate to get their hands on a cover. Fan covers are rife, but the official cover hasn’t given us any clues. Let’s look at a few theories.

First of all, why is the cover of the book so confusing? It could be because it doesn’t reveal the main character. The author is Patrick Rothfuss, an American novelist who was born on June 6, 1973. His best book, The Kingkiller Chronicle, won two Quill Awards in 2007. It was released on March 27, 2007.

Another reason for the lack of cover is that the book was previously rumored to come out in July 2021. That rumor was backed up by the incorrect Amazon product entry, which further fueled the speculation that it will come out in July 2021. It’s unclear if Rothfuss is trying to avoid teasing fans by keeping the cover secret. In the meantime, he’s doing whatever he can to get the cover as soon as possible.

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