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Things to Do in Kasol Himachal Pradesh in 2022

There are many things to do in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. You can hike through the Parvati Valley, visit the Manikaran Gurudwara, and camp in a local village. For the rest of us, visiting the village will be a great option for a winter trip. If you’re considering a winter trip to Kasol, read on for some ideas on things to do in the region.

Hike through the Parvati Valley

If you’ve never climbed a mountain, the first time you hike through the Parvati Valley is to experience the breathtaking view of the region. The trek begins in Kasol and continues uphill to the village of Magic Rashol, where you can find a guide. The trail can be difficult to follow, so a guide is recommended. You should plan to hike in the warmer months of May and October, but June can be ideal. Late September to October is another nice time.

While the mountain range itself is stunning, the trails through the valley can be treacherous. It’s not unusual to see hikers who have spent years living illegally in the area. Unfortunately, while the landscape is beautiful and the scenery is spectacular, foreigners have died, and countless others have disappeared in the region. While the Parvati Valley’s beauty is truly inspiring, it is not without its risks.

Visit Manikaran Gurudwara

Traveling to the Himachal Pradesh state in 2022 is possible because of the hot springs, the valley views, and the Sikh temple. But what else is there to do? The Sikh temple is home to a variety of hot springs, food, and lodging. And the year’s 2022 date will make the experience even better. Here are some tips to plan a trip to Kasol Himachal Pradesh in 2022.

First of all, the destination is accessible to international travelers. In addition to the famous Sikh Gurudwara, Kasol is a hotspot for travelers seeking adventure in the Himalayas. Kasol is often called the Mini Israel of India because of its Israeli population. You’ll also find an array of other activities and attractions in the area. So, whether you’re planning a family vacation or traveling alone, there’s a package that will fit your budget.

Camp at Pulga village

If you are interested in a unique and offbeat adventure, a camp at Pulga village in Kasol Himalayan region is the way to go. Nestled between steep mountains and tea plantations, Pulga is a popular offbeat getaway near Kasol. This beautiful village offers views of the Parvati River and lush forests. You will experience a true sense of the outdoors and reconnect with nature.

The Pulga-Pulga trek starts from the campsite. The hike takes less than an hour. The path diverges at an overbridge over the Parvati River. The path passes by lush fields, and small villages appear in the distance. This walk offers incredible views of distant snow-capped peaks. The trek is also relatively quiet, and you can reach the campsite in as little as 30 minutes.

Visit Tosh village

If you are traveling to Kasol Himachal Pradesh, you might want to take time to visit Tosh village on your way. This tiny town is situated in the Dhauladhar ranges, and its stunning waterfall is definitely worth a visit. The hike is challenging, but you will be rewarded with the views of the beautiful waterfall. There are several things to do in Tosh.

The easiest way to get to Tosh is by road, which starts at Bhuntar, about 50 KM from Manali. You can take a bus from Delhi to Manali, which costs between 700 and 1500 INR. The journey takes 11 to 14 hours and is quite scenic. Once you reach Bhuntar, you can take the HRTC bus, which will take you to Barshaini. From there, you can hike or drive to Tosh.

Stay at a riverside resort

If you want to spend the summer months in Himachal Pradesh, there are many reasons to stay at a riverside resort in Kasol. This beautiful mountain town is a popular destination for tourists and has plenty of attractions to enjoy. The town is located along the Parvati River and is known for its excellent snowfall activities and trekking trails. The food here is also a favorite among visitors. You can reach Kasol by air from Bhuntar Airport, which is located just 31 km away.

If you are looking for a rustic yet comfortable hotel in Kasol, check out the Himalayan Village. This beautiful property is located near the Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa Monastery and Manu Temple. It is also half a kilometer from the Manali bus stop. While the Himalayan Village offers comfortable accommodation, the hotel also has modern facilities like a gym and a bar. All the rooms and public areas are clean and offer excellent service

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